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"I had exhaustion, back, joint pain, and severe neuropathy such as a burning sensation in my feet and discoloration and numbness in my hands. Dr. Gorla's plan, combined with the acupuncture treatment, helped me feel better almost immediately. The numbness and burning in my hands and feet went away, and my back and joint pain also improved quickly. Under Dr. Gorla's care, my quality of life is so much better. I thank Dr. Gorla for helping me feel better than I have in years. I highly recommend him and his team to anyone who wants to feel better and have a better quality of life!"
-Teresa W.

Are you suffering from peripheral neuropathy?

Symptoms such as sharp, electric-like pain, numbness, tingling, burning and tingling, balance issues, and difficulty walking?

If you are like most of the 20 million Americans who suffer from neuropathy, they experience muscle weakness, sensitivity to touch, and their pain often keeps them up at night. While neuropathy can have hundreds of causes, the most common are uncontrolled diabetes, a side effect from chemotherapy, vitamin deficiencies (B), toxin exposure, alcohol abuse, physical trauma, and infections.

Management Vs. Treatment For Neuropathy

Neuropathy can have many causes.  One of the most common causes is uncontrolled diabetes. Getting your blood sugar under control can help with the neuropathy progression and some symptoms, but it does nothing to heal the damaged nerves. None of the conventional treatment approaches attempt to heal the damaged nerves; symptoms are “managed” by anticonvulsant drugs such as Lyrica or other pain drugs which can cause more problems with their side effects. These treatments attempt to manage the pain but do nothing to help the damaged nerves heal.  

"After following Dr. Gorla's recommendations and incorporating the Medical Rebuilder and acupuncture all my complaints are dramtically improved. I can now walk and function with much less pain, burning in my feet, and my leg pain is nearly gone." 

-B.G. Boone 


1) Nerve regeneration, if possible. 

2) Nerve re-education to increase nerve firing and microcirculation. 

3) Improve blood and oxygen flow to damaged tissues.

4) Optimize nutrient and antioxidant status based on evidence-based supplementation. 

5) Toxin elimination. 

"With Dr. Gorla's treatment I have had a 85 to 90% reduction in my pain, and I no longer have tingling in the back of my legs or in the bottom of my feet."

-Sandra B

Neuropathy Is Very Misunderstood And Ill-Educated

Interestingly enough, most of the patients I see for neuropathy tell me they have never had a thorough exam to test the severity and help determine treatment options. They tell me they are surprised they never got this type of exam from their general practitioner or even their neurologist. I perform a detailed neuropathy exam because I want to know how severe their symptoms are. I want to understand how it’s affecting their life. For many of my patients, it is a massive quality of life issue – affecting sleep and well-being and inhibiting their ability to walk, drive a car, or enjoy living an every day, pain-free life. I find it very gratifying to watch my patients improve and begin enjoying their life again. 

How I Treat and Assess Individual Neuropathy Cases

How do I do it? I use a comprehensive approach that targets the nerves themselves- focusing on bringing more blood flow (thus healing nutrients) to the damaged nerves while teaching them how to fire again. The great thing about our treatment protocol, besides that it can REVERSE neuropathy in many people, is that the technology is theirs to keep. They can do treatments in the privacy of their own home at the convenience of their schedule- not mine.


1) Acupuncture 

2) Medical Rebuilder 

3) Anodyne Laser Technology

4) Targeted Supplementation


One part of our comprehensive protocol is a specially designed neuropathy light boot that increases circulation and reduces pain and spasms. The nerves and the blood vessels surrounding the nerves become damaged. By helping the damaged blood vessels heal and regenerate through a process known as angiogenesis, the increased blood flow can bring increased nutrients (this is where the targeted supplementation comes in) to the damaged nerves and help them to heal and regenerate. 

We combine this with a footbath also used by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to helps teach the nerves how to fire again. I have seen this comprehensive approach actually reverse neuropathy conditions, as I do re-exams at follow-ups to evaluate a patient’s progress. The good news is that if you have neuropathy, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer. You now have a choice with our home care neuropathy protocol. Check out one of our neuropathy seminars to learn more, or come in for a free consultation to see if you’re a candidate.

"I went to Dr. Gorla because my body had shut down. I had severe neuropathy, painful joints, and numbness in my limbs. I trusted Dr. Gorla and his staff immediately because they treated me with professionalism and kindness. I can report astounding results with Dr. Gorla's treatment for my neuropathy and pain. I also no longer take a variety of medications, which I am happy to report, as they were causing side effects. I feel better than I have in many years, and I owe it to Dr. Gorla and his kind staff."

-R.P., Boone 

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