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Lipo-Light Results


Lighter with Lipo-Light

“I have been trying to lose weight since my hysterectomy in 1998, and I have felt upset with myself especially in a bikini.  I have tried lypo suction and over-the-counter weight loss methods, and exercise.  With the lypo suction, I experienced fair results, but I was not happy with the end results.  I saw the Lipo-Light program at Blue Ridge Acupuncture & Integrative Health, and I decided to try it. After using the Lipo-Light program, I feel more toned, tighter in stomach areas and under my arms, and I feel better emotionally.  Through the Lipo-Light program, and I have learned better nutritional habits, and I lost a total of 4 1/2 inches!”
-DSR in Boone, NC


Back and Better than Ever!
“Since August 2013, I weight more than I had my entire life.  I had no energy, needed naps in the afternoon, and had such bad back issues.  I was taking 4-5 pain pills per day.  I was very unhappy with my appearance.  I hated to go shopping.  I had tried to run/exercise and do a low carb diet 1 year earlier and had failed and could not gain any success with running due to pain.  I lost motivation due to the pain and lack of results.  I changed my diet in September 2013, cutting out sugar, salt, and breads.  Due to the cellulite that had collected with my weight, I wanted a jump start to my exercise program.  I am now down three dress sizes (January 2014).  I feel much better physically.  No more pain pills.  I am proud of myself and have had looks from men again that I used to have often which makes me very happy.  The entire staff is supportive, kind, and knowledgeable.”


At Navel                         36 3/4″       down to      35″          = 1 3/4 inches lost

3″ Below Navel             38 1/2″       down to      36″          = 3 1/2 inches lost

2″ Above Navel            37 1/4″       down to      33″          = 5 1/4 inches lost

Waist                              35″            down to      32 3/4″     = 3 1/4 inches lost

Hips                                42″            down to      39″           = 4 inches lost

Thighs                           24 1/2″       down to      22 1/2″    = 2 inches lost

-50 Years Female, Ashe County, NC


Lovin’ Lipo-Light

“My weight has been an increasing issue for me as I have aged.  Throughout my life if my weight started to edge up a few pounds, I could easily lose it with exercise and small adjustments to my diet, but as I moved into my late 40s and 50s, this no longer worked.  This was troublesome for me on a physical and emotional level, but the tipping point was when I was told I was pre-diabetic.  I also enjoy an active lifestyle, and as I gained weight, my mobility and agility were noticeably declining.  I have always enjoyed shopping for clothes, but this became an unpleasant chore.  For all these reasons I needed to do something, and I chose Lipo-Light because 1) I trust Blue Ridge Acupuncture & Integrative Health because of my previous association and results with acupuncture, and 2) because it is a safe and non-invasive procedure.  I have had wonderful results.  I lost 4-5 inches from my abdominal area after 8 treatments, and I’m looking forward to two more treatments.  Lipo-Light really works if you are compliant with the diet and exercise recommendations in addition to the light treatments.  The whole process has helped me achieve the results I was seeking which motivated me to continue my dietary changes.  I have lost not only inches, but gained muscle tone.  I highly recommend Lipo-Light.”

-L.A., Boone, NC


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