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Medical Weight Loss Results

“Since about 1998 I have gaining weight and unable to lose any.  After my separation and divorce I just seemed to keep putting the weight on.  The more weight I gained the less outgoing and confident I felt.  I didn’t want my picture taken ever; I didn’t want any evidence of how heavy I had gotten.  I have back problems from an accident in 1993.  As I gained weight, it felt more and more difficult to do everyday things.  Just getting out of bed was hard.  Emotionally, I felt depressed and stuck; unable to change my life.

Over the years, I’ve tried the Atkins Diet, many, many over-the-counter pills, and various workout things, even a belt you wear around your midsection to help you sweat the inches off.  Nothing worked.  Maybe I would lose a little, but I would always gain it back.

When Lisa told me about the Medical Weight Loss program, I was having severe problems with my knees.  The pain was constant, and I knew it was due to my excess weight.  The program sounded pretty easy, and I wanted and needed to lose the weight.  I started the Medical Weight Loss program on August 22, 2013 and have lost 57 pounds as of November 18, 2013.

Physically, I have been able to do a lot more.  I have a lot more energy and much less pain.  My knees don’t hurt; I get out of bed effortlessly.  Emotionally, I feel more confident.  My posture is better.  When I look in the mirror, I like who’s looking back at me.  I feel my attitude is positive, and I don’t feel depressed or hopeless.  I feel like there are many possibilities out there for me; my overall feeling is happy.

Throughout the Medical Weight Loss program, I felt like I have a support team – people in my corner giving me encouragement.  When I’ve had questions or felt like I as struggling in the beginning, I felt cared for.  Everyone has been there for me happily sharing in my success.”



8/22/13                                    11/4/13            11/18/13          Total Lost

Chest: 50 ¾”                              46”                                             4 ¾”

Waist: 45 ¼”                              39 ½”                                         5 ¾”

Hips: 52”                                    47 ½”                                         4 ½”

Weight: 255 lbs                      202lbs             198lbs                57lbs


-DS, Boone, NC