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Take Our Health Assessment

Take Our Health Assessment

Everyone knows good nutrition is important and that a good multivitamin can help fill the gaps in our diets. But how do you know exactly what you should be taking and how much? With our free HIPPA compliant assessment, you can find out exactly what your body needs.

Our assessment takes into account your lifestyle, nutrition, medical and family history, and medications (which deplete nutrients. Your information is cross-referenced with over 7,500 medical journals. You can have high quality nutrients in just the amounts you need delivered right to your door.

Stress Survey

PURPOSE: To determine if any health problems you may be having are due to stress. All information is kept in strict confidence, and we never share or give out your information.
  • Stress Survey
  • 1. Check off any of the following symptoms you have experienced in the past 6 months:
  • 2. Does this cause you to be:
  • 3. Does this affect your work:
  • 4. Does this affect your life:
  • If you checked any of the above items, your organs are probably not functioning as well as they could, and your energy is probably not flowing as smoothly as it could be.
    ACUPUNCTURE and CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE CAN HELP YOU because they naturally treat the body to remove the stress and imbalance that cause health problems.
  • If your answer is Yes, there are several alternatives available to you. Please check the item most appropriate for you: