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We are excited that you are getting good results with our care. Many people have complaints similar to yours and aren't aware that their condition can be treated safely and naturally. By sharing your experiences, it gives others hope that they, too, can be helped. We are fortunate to have the majority of new patients referred to us by existing patients or by local medical practitioners. One of our primary goals is to expand awareness of the efficacy of natural medicine, acupuncture, Oriental medicine, and the impact that non-drug solutions can have on a person's overall well-being and quality of life. Please tell us (and other website visitors) how Blue Ridge Acupuncture & Natural Medicine has helped both your health complaint and your general quality of life.
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  • Please write a short statement in paragraph form covering the following points: 1) What was the condition for which you originally considered acupuncture or natural medicine? 2) How long did you have the condition? 3) How was this condition affecting your life? 4) Please mention other treatments you have tried an whether or not they were successful. 5) What were your experiences with Torrey, acupuncture, and other modalities used? 6) What were your results (approximate % reduction in disorder, i.e. 90% less migraines since receive treatment, etc.) 7) How has it changed your life, daily activities, etc.? 8) Was Torrey able to help other conditions for which you originally did not seek help? 9) Is there anything else you would like people to know about?
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